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    Company Faith: win-win
    Company Spirit: accurate, precise, speed; initiative, responsible, innovative as Korra people
    Company Aim: For every product, our clients will obtain enjoyment; our company will get profits; and we will have benefits.
    Company Goal: To become the excellent bath ware production base on the global scale.
    Company Position: Be absorbed in every set of bath ware product.
    Product Quality: Develop applied, unique and new product; make delicate, meticulous and functional quality. 
    Management Philosophy:
    It will be inferior to work on one’s own ability;
    It will be senior to work by using others' ability;
    It will be superior to work by using others' intelligence.
    Working Standards:
    No concern on hardship, but merits only.
    Use resources wisely and in pursuit of achievements. 
    Pay attention to effects, and further to results. 
    Discuss for a decision, decide for an action, act for a result. 
    Personality be respected while subordinating to the collective. 
    Company interest is the highest priority.


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    Company Culture
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