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    How to Clean and Maintain Your Glass Bathroom Vanities


    Glass bathroom vanities are bound to be more fragile and delicate than most other traditional vanities available on the market. 
    Obviously, it takes an extra effort for maintaining them. You should know how to clean and take care of glass bathroom vanities.

    What are the things that you need to consider so that your glass bathroom vanity lasts for long?

    Proper cleaning and maintenance under an expert's observation extends the life of your glass vanity. 
    Proper cleaning and maintenance is possible with basic household supplies. 
    Check whether your glass bathroom vanity has a warranty in case something happens to it.
    If the glass bathroom vanity you buy is of poor quality, however much care and maintenance you undertake, it would be of no use.

    Other Precautions for Glass Bathroom Vanities

    Good quality glass bathroom vanities are sturdy enough and can easily withstand temperature changes of well up to 70 degrees without suffering breakage. However, you should avoid pouring boiling hot water (temperature over 120 degrees) into it. 
    The immediate vast temperature changes resulting in 'thermal shock' may cause the glass to shatter or crack. Once it gets cracked, your expensive bathroom vanity will need to be replaced. 
    Well made glass bathroom vanities are resistant to small shocks and breakages like accidental dropping of a plastic bottle or other light object. However, a heavier object can damage and shatter it. So, you should clean it with care.

    Tips for Cleaning Glass Bathroom Vanities

    If water spots occur, then apply a diluted solution of vinegar to dissolve them. 
    Avoid using abrasive bathroom cleaners. They are not recommended for glass vanities. 
    Do not finish the cleaning job in haste, or else you will end up damaging your expensive vanity.
    Remember, glass vanities can retain their shine and luster despite everyday wear if they are cleaned and maintained well. They require no special care than a standard porcelain type. It's just that they are more delicate! 
    Individuals who are keen on a modern, stylish look to their bathroom, of course, won't mind an extra bit of maintenance cost and care for their glass bathroom vanities.

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