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    A new bathtub is not an easy purchase. Installing a bath requires careful planning. You need to consider aspects like budget, the decor, and floor space of the bathroom. Bathtubs are of various designs and made of many different kinds of materials.

    History of Baths 
    The first baths were made of cast iron and were too costly to be installed in normal homes. Most baths were found only in the homes of the rich and aristocratic people. The appeal of cast iron baths has not diminished, and many people find that they add an elegant, Old World touch to the bathroom.

    Today, baths are available in lighter materials like steel, acrylic and ceramic. Unlike the heavy cast iron baths of earlier days, today's baths are not just lighter, they are stronger. Some plastic baths can be carried by a single person, while the heaviest tubs can be carried by two people.

    Kinds of Baths 
    Depending on your choice, you can choose from among a variety of baths. Circular, rectangular, and angular baths are among the most popular varieties of baths.

    The circular bath occupies a large area, so it can be put only in large bathrooms. The circular bath denotes luxury and opulence and it is found mostly in high-end hotels and wealthy homes.

    The angular bath optimizes space, so it is ideal for small bathrooms. The angular bath occupies a corner of the bathroom, and saves a lot of space. You can install additional racks along the saved wall space.

    Regular baths are rectangular and are most popular among homeowners. The color of choice is white, though you can choose from among other colors as well.

    Hydrotherapy Baths 
    Hydrotherapy is an ancient method of curing diseases and body disorders through water. Today, all spa clinics offer hydrotherapy to rejuvenate the mind and body. A hydrotherapy bath can cure ailments like muscle pulls, fatigue, and even mild depression.
    Earlier hydrotherapy baths were available only in spas and gyms, but now even homeowners can invest in them. Hydrotherapy bath used in homes is known as an aquatic bath and it offers the soothing spa therapies in the privacy of your home. You can just let the hot water take your worries away, soothe, and relax swollen muscles and aching joints.
    Aquatic baths are available in a range of designs, as well as different functions. A two-person bath is large and comfortable. Some aquatic baths have armrests and headrests to make the experience even more relaxing. Some people prefer to install special lighting arrangements and jets to add to the experience. A mini-waterfall created in the bath helps you relax and evokes the sounds of nature.

    Whirlpool Bath 
    A whirlpool bath is another type of bath that spells luxury. A whirlpool bath uses a motor to spin water inside the bath, recreating the sensation of a massage. Heated water used in whirlpool baths can treat a range of minor bodily problems.

    How to Arrange the Bath Area 
    Arranging the bath area properly is important if you wish to maintain a hygienic and clutter-free lifestyle. The first rule of bath organization is to throw away unnecessary articles, since they only clutter up the space. Secondly, put shelf vertically so you can put more shelves and thus create an organized space for towels, spare soaps, and shampoos. Medicines should ideally not be kept in the bathroom, since steam and damp can damage them.

    A container with slits in them is the best way to hold soaps and bath toys. A laundry hamper should hold dirty and used clothes. Instead of putting toothpaste, cosmetics, and other toilet accessories in a single place in the bath area, have the household members keep them separately in their individual rooms.

    Selecting a Bath 
    Selecting a bath needs careful thought, since any alterations to the bath area made to accommodate a bath are difficult to reverse. The first thing to keep in mind is the size of the bathroom, the floor space and wall space. For bigger area bathrooms, use a round bath. Angular baths work well in smaller bathrooms.

    Even bathrooms with unusual shapes can be accommodated through the dazzling variety of baths available in the market today. Whether to build a new bathroom or look for a tub to match your bath door, baths offer a large number of options to people.

    Precautions When Choosing Baths 
    You should never compromise on quality for the sake of lower price. A bath is an investment of many years, maybe a lifetime. Choose the kind of bath that will not crack and is safe. Aesthetics and safety come together in modern bathtubs, and there is a range of baths to choose from in the market.
    Install bath inserts for elderly people or children. Bath inserts should be made from gel coat, since they are cost-effective and easy to fix. Moreover, gel coat inserts can be repaired or replaced more easily. The gel coat insert has a non-slippery surface, providing the ideal bath option for the elderly and the sick.

    Never use abrasive cleaners for cleaning the bath. Instead, use detergents for the task.

    Maintaining the Bath 
    Use a soft brush for cleaning the tub, and clear the mineral deposits using a detergent. Polish the tub with wax to make it sparkle and enhance its longevity. If the bath is damaged, use gel coat to repair it. If you feel you may not be able to make a good job of it, call a qualified repairperson to do the repair. You can even contact the dealers or bath manufacturers to ask them to send a repairperson over.

    A bath is no longer something that has a purely utilitarian value. Taking a bath is not just about hygiene but also relaxation and even luxury. Bathing helps you relax and rejuvenate, and bath therapies like hydrotherapy, steam, and spa can cure a range of minor illnesses. Choose a bath with care, since you need to spend a considerable time in the bath. Moreover, maintain the bath to ensure the comfort of a lifetime.

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