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    The Human Sensus of Bathroom


    The Human Sensus of Bathroom

    After creating the concept space plan, complete the layout considering how the new room will enhance the user’s five senses. Here are a series of design details and product suggestions to include in a bathroom’s final solution.
    ? Sight:
    1. Identify sight lines for the bather seated in the tub or standing in the shower.
    2. Simplify surface patterns/ textures used to define the space. (Simple, understated contemporary patterns can visually expand the space.)
    3. Incorporate variable light levels supporting both “rest” and“grooming” activities.
    4. Include chromatherapy equipment.
    ? Hearing:
    1. Plan access to separately controlled entertainment systems. 
    2. Protect the user from the“buzz” of a normal household.
    3. Add access to nature’s beautiful outdoor sounds.
    4. Understand the power of“feeling” a sound, as well as hearing it (vibracoustic technology).
    ? Touch:
    1. Engineer the ambient temperature controls to provide a warmer environment for the nude bather, or a cooler room for a gym.
    2. Specify surfaces safe for a nude bather’s entry or exit from any type of water enclosure.
    3. Understand the differences in an overall, focused hydromassage vs. an aerated water bathing system.
    4. Understand the differences between a steam and a sauna experience.
    ? Smell:
    1. Plan space for storage and/or display for incense, candles or other aromatic accents. 
    2. Add an aromatherapy system.
    ? Taste: Include an accessible surface for a snack or drink of choice.

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