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    Compulosry Cerlification of Glass in Shower Room


    Compulosry Cerlification of Glass in Shower Room

    Shower room is very popular with people now. However, the potential safety concerns are not drawn enough attention.

    Compulosry Cerlification of Glass
    There are two kinds of shower room in the market: integrated shower room and simple shower room. Yet we have no national standard for the integrated shower room but the relevant industry standards and corporate standards. So there are many potential safety concerns in inferior products

    The state has issued the standard of JGJ113 as early as 1997 to call for the use of safety glass in shower partition, shower door and glass railing. And from August 1, 2003, the related government departments carried out the compulosry certification of safety glass. However, some “safety glasses” for sale do not have the 3C marks and customers always ignore them.

    The shower rooms produced by formal manufacturers are mostly used tempered glass or explosion-proof glass that will not break into sharp edges and corners, while the shower rooms using uncertified glass are incomparable with the qualified products in properties of impact resistance, heat resistance and anti explosion.

    The potential safety concern
    Some inferior products may turn up the ageing phenomenon after used for a time, and small cracks in the place where people always touch. When people in the bath, it will easily scratch people, which should arouse the attention of consumers.

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